A list of the best MoP WoW private servers! Mists of Pandaria is arguably the most underappreciated expansion released, so you’ll absolutely want to experience it on a private server. This list was compiled with the intention of providing stable servers that are extremely fun. We constantly update it to make sure the servers are relevant, so you can always find a fun MoP private server here!

MoP introduced the world of Pandaria, and accordingly the brand new race of Pandaren and the monk class. Pandaren are quite literally cuddly panda bears. This combined with the hand-to-hand fighting style of the monk gave the expansion a cartoonish kung-fu-panda image. This turned many players off to the expansion, which is actually a huge mistake!

Despite feeling like kung-fu-panda, MoP was actually a fantastic expansion when it came to gameplay. Many players view MoP as the pinnacle of technical skill gameplay, meaning the more-skilled you were as a player, the more rewarding it was to your

WoW Mists of Pandaria Servers

Rank Name Server Votes
1 EoG -EVENT SHADOWLANDS+3.3+4.3+5.4+6.2


GREAT EASTER EVENT with SUPER PRIZES 2 - 9.04.2021 [3.3.5 + 4.3.4 + 5.4.8 + 6.2.4 + 8.3.0 + 9.0.3 CONTENT][SOLO CONTENT][NEW RACES][PVE/PVP][BALANCED CLASSES][DUNGEON]

2 Warmane