The top WoW Legion private servers! Despite Legion being such a recent expansion, it was such a good addition to the game that it deserves its own private servers! We’ve compiled a list of all these servers for you right here, carefully picking ones that should provide the most entertainment.

Legion is undoubtedly the best expansion WoW had this decade. Following the brutal subscriber decline from a weak WoD expansion, Legion completely flipped the script and revived retail WoW. Not only did the game introduce one of the best classes in the game, demon hunters, but they also gave players an incredible amount of content to play through.

Players had four main questing zones to clear, but then had an extremely long questline in Suramar. Later patches introduced The Broken Shore and Argus, two massive locations with plenty of fun things to do and worth rewards to earn! Legion also had some exceptional raiding content, especially during the last three raids.

The Nighthold, Tomb of

WoW Legion Servers

Rank Name Server Votes
1 blackempire Legion 12 feb