The absolute best WoW Cataclysm private servers! Experience one of Azeroth’s most controversial expansions, Cataclysm, like it was intended!

Cataclysm is WoW’s third expansion, and the first time the game really got flipped upside down. The major villain of Cataclysm is the enormous dragon, Deathwing. Deathwing completely devastates the continent of Kalimdor, forever changing the landscape of several zones. World of Warcraft Cataclysm private servers let you play right after this happens, giving the world a brand new feel.

While Cataclysm received mixed reviews while it was live, in hindsight it was actually a solid expansion. It had the misfortune of following WoW’s two best expansions, meaning it had an extremely high standard to meet. One place Cataclysm did that well was in raid content.

On a private server, you can play through Firelands and see just how difficult Heroic Ragnaros really was! In Dragon Soul, you finally get to find the legendary Deathwing and help save A

WoW Cataclysm Servers

Rank Name Server Votes
1 EoG -EVENT SHADOWLANDS+3.3+4.3+5.4+6.2

GREAT EASTER EVENT with SUPER PRIZES 2 - 9.04.2021 [3.3.5 + 4.3.4 + 5.4.8 + 6.2.4 + 8.3.0 + 9.0.3 CONTENT][SOLO CONTENT][NEW RACES][PVE/PVP][BALANCED CLASSES][DUNGEON]